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Thank you Judge Ema Aitken!

Late post from a successful fundraising event in September 2018 🙏

Thank you Judge Aitken 🙏

“We are transforming lives. It doesn’t happen overnight and we don’t expect to be miracle workers, but I’m constantly humbled by the effort and determination our participants put into their recovery, What we see in court is a transformation on every level.” Judge Aitken.

De Paul House Recognition Community of the year Award!

De Paul House was nominated as 1 of 10 groups in NZ’er of the Year Awards -Community of the Year 2018.  De Paul House was delighted to be nominated and congratulates all the nominees!  Thank you for the recognition and congratulations to the final 3 groups. What great company to be in. Please visit their page for full details.


De Paul House celebrated the Feast Day of our patron saint, St Vincent de Paul on 27th September with our annual Awareness event. At such anniversaries we always reflect on the practical approach to caring offered by St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac (the patron saint of social workers)
The relevance of their work and philosophy is daily evidenced by our team at De Paul House. In the last 3 months, De Paul House has rehoused 144 individuals or 37 families. In the last month 50% of the families living with us included a working adult. While numbers can never capture the story behind these families and the despair of their situation, it does speak to the overwhelming need for increased affordable and social housing.