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De Paul House provides housing and support services for homeless families. Our service aims to keep families united in a safe and dignified environment, and help them address the issues that have led to them being homeless. Families set goals with the assistance of the support team. These goals commonly include housing, budgeting and a compulsory savings programme. Participation in our life skills classes is also a key part of our programme, as is enrolment of children in our playgroup. School aged children benefit from our after school homework centre. This range of services offers support for the entire family and enables them to become independent, confident and resilient.


De Paul House units cater for various family sizes – small bed-sits (suitable for single parents and one or two children), single rooms (for a parent and child), and two/three bedroom units (for larger families). The single rooms/bed-sits share all facilities. The two/three bedroom units share laundry facilities.

Early Childhood Centre

Our early childhood centre provides families with opportunities to develop parenting skills and prepare their children for school. Developing school readiness and confidence is essential to a child’s wellbeing and future success. Parents and preschool children learn together through play in our spacious well-equipped centre. The playgroup has three qualified staff and a number of volunteers.

Family Support

Family support at De Paul House takes a number of forms, from the provision of food, clothing, and furniture to budgeting services, parenting classes, social work support and counselling sessions. Our core focus is achieving safe and secure housing.

Learning Centre

Our learning centre offers educational and social opportunities to the adults of both resident and outreach families. Families will have free access to Wi-Fi, stationery, printing and computer resources. It’s also used as a supervised homework club for school aged-children.

Our mission

Our aim is to keep families united in a safe and dignified environment, help them address the issues that have led to them being homeless, and have them leave us to successfully re-establish themselves in the community.

Our Children

Helping our children

Our families

Helping our families

Our community

Helping our community
De Paul House facts...
Our fundraising activities raise approximately $40,000.00 annually.
We currently have 87 registered volunteers
Government Funded
Helped approximately 3000 individuals


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