• What is the criteria for entry to your services and accommodation?

  • To be eligible for our services you must be a family. Our definition of a family is a caregiver with dependent children.  You must be a NZ citizen or have had permanent residency for 2 years plus.
  • We are a non denominational service and accept people from any religion or background that meet our criteria.

• How do you receive referrals to your service?

  • Referrals come from people walking in and asking for help; or from government services particularly hospitals &Work & Income. Social services refer including other emergency housing providers when they are full.  Churches and schools are also frequent referral sources.

• How many families can you help?

  • Our emergency residential accommodation provides 12 units and at full capacity has 70 beds.
  • Once families leave our emergency accommodation they can chose to stay in touch with us through our outreach support service. This includes access to our early childhood centre, learning centre, social work and counselling services.  Transport is provided for those families who live locally and have no other means of transport.
  • Currently 131 families are assisted with our outreach support service.
  • Since our services commenced in 1986 we have rehoused 904 families. In 2015 43 families lived in our emergency accommodation.

• How are your services funded?

  • We receive approximately 38% of our total funding from contracts with the Ministry of Social Development.
  • The balance is raised through a mix of applications to philanthropic, gaming and community trusts, a quarterly donation appeal. We also run fundraising events with a dedicated volunteer committee
  • A small amount of income is also received from the rental charge on our residential accommodation.


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